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January 19, 2015


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Welcome to the Beausoleil Family Health Centre Website

The Beausoleil Family Health Centre website is designed to keep you informed on a weekly, monthly & yearly basis. Here you can find and access a wide variety of information from newsletters, calendars and bios of the dedicated staff who care and work to meet your needs. The Beausoleil Family Health Centre consists of thirteen staff that works directly out of the Health Centre "Headquarters", five fantastic staff through the Guiding Lights Seniors Centre, two valuable employees that work out of the Enjimaawnjiding Recreation Centre and finally two radiant staff members that work out of the lower level of the library to provide traditional healing services.

This website is also designed with links to educational aids and information along with alternative websites such as SOADI, NAHO, AHWS to name a few. So please view all our services and familiarize yourself with your Health Centre and all that we have to offer you and your family.

Want to learn more about a particular department just toggle to the right and click on your desired department such as; to find out what your Community Health Representative programs, just click on CHR. Need to know about a specific clinic day or workshop? Toggle to the right and click on the chosen month to view calendars pertaining to that month, and the feature pamphlet of that workshop!

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