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March 9, 2023

The Addictions and Mental Health Program work cooperatively in providing a safe and confidential environment to address issues and work on a mutually agreed upon plan of care. We are here to help those whom are searching for alternative ways of living a healthier lifestyle rather than the use/misuse/abuse of mood altering substances to deal with their issues.

We focus on providing options for an individual in making positive changes in their life and provide options through on Harm Reduction with a goal of abstinence, prevention programs through education the understanding of the substitution of one addiction to another addiction (gambling, sex, and smoking). The Addictions and Mental Health Programs provide individual intake, mini assessments, referrals and support for Beausoleil First Nation Community members before during and after attending a treatment centre.

We provide cultural appropriate programming and is sensitive to the unique needs of our Community Members. Our programs range from Traditional Counselors, Healers as well as ceremonies like the Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremony. The program also aims at providing educational support for Band Members who have a desire to learn about their Nishnawbewin (our natural way of life).

For more information please contact the Beausoleil Family Health Centre at 705-247-2035.