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March 9, 2023

We provide services for a lot of things! Check us out!

Book an appointment with our Circle of Care Program:

Brendan Dunn - Chiropodist

Zack Quesnelle - Pedorthist

Stephanie King - Foot Care Nurse

Renee Scruton - Physiotherapist

Dr. Cara Davidson, MD, FRCPC

Franca Browne - Paediatric Nurse

Dr. Martin McNamara

Emily Smith - Phlobotomist

Book an appointment with our 

Community Health Representative - Rebecca Marchildon:

Blake Waters - Accupuncture

Charmaine Whitman - Massage Therapy, Reflexology

Book an appointment with our Receptionist:

Trent Simons - Registered Psychotherapist

Tracey Bertrand - BSW RSW

Book an appointment with our Oral Health Educator - Shawna Sandy:

Dr. Laurie Houston - Dentist

Dr. Tanya Farooq - Dentist

Dr. Gregory Westman - Paediatric Dentist

Jaro Wojcicki - Denturist

Shannon Gilbert - Registered Dental Hygienist

Tamara Wojcicki - Registered Dental Hygienist, Childrens Oral Health Initiative

The following must be arranged through

Medical Transportation Coordinator - Ursula Copegog:

Laura King - Dialysis Driver